MasterServer CS 1.6

Want a clean list of Counter-Strike 1.6 servers ? Then follow the installation steps below


1. Download MasterServers.rar
2. Extract the contents of the archive to the desktop;
3. Copy MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf to the config folder

* Non-Steam: C: \ Where CS \ Folder with CS Files \ platform \ config \ MasterServers.vdf is installed
* Steam: C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ config \ MasterServers.vdf
* NOTE: If MasterServer2.vdf is in the same folder, then it will be overwritten under the same name

4. Make sure MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf  are set to read-only * Read
right-click on MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf  select ” Properties ” and check ” Read-only “

5. Open Counter-Strike.exe , then select Find Servers > Internet . Good luck and good luck with the strawberries!

About Read-Only:
By setting the .VDF file to read-only, we prevent it from being overwritten in different cases !!!

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