CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1

Hello dear Counter-Strike player The downcs.eu team is pleased to present the second  counter strike version 1.6 modified by the CSBlackDevil guys named CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 .

CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1  can be played on the internet with other players, bots or your friends on the network. CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1  can be played on all servers except servers that only accept Steam players.

CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 includes a protection to protect the cs, the fps stays constant due to the high performance settings and also includes a MasterServer that is updated monthly (a list of servers you can play ).

CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1  has the simplest skins for weapons, similar to those in CS Source , new models, textures, gfx and modified sounds. The cs is completely modified and I highly recommend you to try this version because it connects very quickly to the servers and the cs interface is revolutionary compared to the other versions!

CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1  can be downloaded in .exe format directly from our website or via torrent. Counter-Strike version  1.6 CSBD v1.1  measures 430 MB .

Images in the game, click on the images to see them in their normal size!

CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1

To play CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 smoothly, you need a computer with a minimum of:

  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • Ram memory: 512 MB
  • Video Card: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB

Attention, this version of CS 1.6 has been sent by downcs.eu users . We are not responsible for the content. For notifications / copyrights, please contact us  and we will remove the link to the fault file.

The submitted file has been checked / scanned by viruses and is clean!
Download CS 1.6 CSBD v1.1 - Executable Download CS 1.6 CSBD v1.01- Archive

The downcs.eu team wishes you luck and is waiting for your opinions about this cs!

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