CS 1.6 Romania v2

CS 1.6 Romania v2 is a version of cs 1.6 that can be downloaded for free and I can tell you that it is a nicer version than CS 1.6 Romania v1 .

What does CS 1.6 Romania v2 have to do with CS 1.6 Romania v1 and why do we recommend this version? Read below and you will find out why!
– The old transparent and solid radar has been modified with a new one like the ‘ Romanian flag ‘.
– The background image has changed. – The HE
grenade blast has been replaced with a new, more spectacular one. – The color of the muzzleflash has been changed to a new one. – The background song has been changed to a newer song. – The game is now 90% translated into Romanian. – The config is based on the one in the PGL GUI ( Config created by dcs16.ro

), slightly modified, and the useless bind keys in v1 have been removed. (PS: from my counter-striker experience I played the best with this config) – An FPS ( Frames Per Second
) border has been added in the lower right corner so you can see if you’re playing CS ‘calumea’ or not … It is best to have about 100 fps . – Minor bugs, and other things that did not allow the use of solved cheats / queues! – Bunnyhop script added to the game! – Plus other changes.

I decided to leave the default weapon models unchanged to prevent the fps from falling and to have a better game, in short the models are the same as in CS 1.6 Romania v1 and I want Counter-Strike Romania to look like, Counter -The classic stripe and not a modified alien type… with a lot of crazy skins tucked in that lower the fps… ⁇I hope you understood me.

I recommend this version of the  counter strike game  because it is created to be played by Romanians and is translated into Romanian and the pleasure of playing cs intensifies!

Images from the game, click on them to enlarge!

CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2 CS 1.6 Romania v2

To play CS 1.6 Romania v2, you need a computer with a minimum of:

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Ram memory: 512 MB
  • Video Card: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

Attention, this version of CS 1.6 has been sent by downcs.eu users . We are not responsible for the content. For notifications / copyrights, please contact us  and we will remove the link to the fault file.

The submitted file has been checked / scanned by viruses and is clean!
Download CS 1.6 Romania v2 - Executable Download CS 1.6 Romania v2 - Archive

The downcs.eu team wishes you luck and is waiting for your opinions about this cs!

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